Table of Contents

– The of incalculable and remarkable significance decoding of the nuclear forces (strong and weak) leads to the unification of four out of the five basic natural forces (except the electrical) and opens up new ways to search Nature through many and enormous overturns. Indicative are proven completely the following:

– The fields nature of all the elementary particles. (Field Exclusively)

– The atoms introversion.

– The structures overturn of the Bohr atom.

– Mass cannot tolerate speed c. With that speed it decreases so much that finally it disappears with unknown consequences
(Ou = O0 γ3).

– Some new equations:

                7) ….

– We all are glued small magnets (cluster of micromagnets).

– The developed out of material particles microfield magnetic mass from microscopic magnetic fields, which is extended to the area around the particles, theoretically up to infinity, develops the of magnetic nature forces of gravity and produces light refraction, because of its speed reduction (gravity lenses in space and related phenomena).

– The General Theory of Relativity collapsed completely by itself and carried along its product, the unified theory.

– The interpretation of inertia, the most beautiful discovery of Physics! The World owes its existence on it.

– And much more…