Static electricity that is magnetism

Theodors Mitropoulos

What is electricity, are we;

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Patras, August 05, 2003

–         Eventually, the static electric forces are magnetic monopole forces, no matter than in Nature there are not magnetic monopoles but regular magnetic dipoles? Probably YES!

–         Are there any electric charges? Probably NOT!

–         Are there any open static electric fields? Probably NOT!

–         What is there and what is its role?

The answer is analytically described in the following text.

Dear readers,

As you have read in my paper entitled “NATURE REVEALED THROUGH UNDEVELOPED EXPERIMENTS” that I sent you a long time ago, I firstly managed to clarify nature and the exact structure of the photons, taking advantage of the easiness in observing the large photons of electromagnetic radiation, meaning those produced by the excited open electric dipoles. Following, I combined the information above with the information regarding twin birth and I reached the conclusion that the elementary particles are constituted by field dynamic magnetic and electric successive rings, while photons are made of the same rings, though vertical one to another. (For the aforementioned conclusion, other observations also contributed).

At this point, allow me to note that this is the first time that we note that the elementary particles are made out of two basic components (magnetic and electric dynamic fields) and not out of one.

This means that they are similar to a garment (e.g. a coat) made out of tissue (magnetic field ring) and the lining (electric field ring). Further down in the summary of my paper that I have sent you earlier, or that I attach herein, I include the following characteristic phrase: “the main behavior of the particles is defined by the magnetic rings, while the electric ones simply create and define the electric charges (in their own secondary special role)” and then I go on to the examination of this main behavior. Lately, I felt the need to engage myself with this secondary special role of the electric dynamic fields of the elementary particles and to try to find out what is it eventually the electric field, the electric forces and charges. Before exposing my thoughts, let me underline two things:

First, if we don’t understand with functional exactitude the aforementioned (electric charges, forces and fields), we won’t have understood the deepest secrets of nature, and

Secondly, I note that what I am going to describe from now on is indisputable assumptions based on observation and analysis of a well-known natural phenomenon (meaning a discovery), which I shall analyze in due course, and which sheds light to all known phenomena of electricity.
It is an unexpected discovery and makes all what we thought up to now seem like thoughts of a small child. Meaning, this is the way that Nature seems to practice in order to do what it does and it is the only in depth explanation for the phenomenon of electricity, in contrast to the contemporary simplified acceptances.

Thus, we have an absolutely given and binding structure for the particles mentioned above.

So, I observed that when the “successive” electric rings go and “adjoin” to the magnetic rings of the particles, then the respective pole would be rendered useless as a point of attraction or repulsion of other particles. Though, this pole would not be destroyed, it would keep on functioning as a point of input or output of magnetic lines. However, these lines should be exactly in front of the magnetic pole to disperse in radius, parallel and between the two rings (magnetic and electric). Until they detour the electric ring and continue their course normally in space, closing the circuit till the other pole.

If now, this pole was to be always the same for all protons, than these, having only one active pole, similar for all of them, they would be repulsed from one another, exactly in the way it happens, saying that they have electric charges, while in fact they have similar magnetic poles free.

The same would apply with electrons and they would be repulsed in the same way, believing that they have similar electric charges, while in fact they only have similar magnetic poles.

If now the blocked poles in electrons were opposite to the blocked poles in protons, then these particles would attract and we would say that they have opposite electric charges.

No theory of monopoles has something to do with the analysis I presented above.

I do not refer to monopoles, but to real dipoles, whose one pole is simply hindered to accomplish its attractive or repulsive role, while it is always a point of input and output of magnetic lines.

It seems that the dynamic electric fields always hinder, the more they can, the passing of magnetic lines. This is also observed in photons. Why do you think the photons have no mass (meaning they present no gravitational forces), whilst they depose of a magnetic field with the relevant energy? Because their magnetic field is trapped inside the electric one, which it surrounds with the vertical lines like a cocoon or closes in upon it as a belt and doesn’t let it develop attractive forces with the magnetic fields of other photons or elementary particles located around it (see description of the gravitational forces and mass in my paper and summary).
This kind of behavior of the photons in combination with the previous knowledge of what mass is, is the unquestionable evidence of the isolating properties of the electrodynamic fields as opposed to the magnetic fields that I mentioned previously and is the proof of the aforementioned discovery.
Therefore, the word “probably” in the title is pointless and should be replaced with the word “evidently”.

And no one should wonder why electrodynamics rings prefer blocking the specific poles both of the protons and electrons, because there is no such preference.

The aforementioned rings, easily and without reaction, block also the opposite poles, thus we get the antiprotons and the positrons, meaning antiparticles.  The latter appear, however, as soon as they are created, dematerialized from the corresponding particles, without making their presence perceptible.

It seems that nature decided based on reasons that it know, to make the world out of protons and electrons.

And this, either because this is what was initially created or because this is what remained from several procedures that probably took place.

I want to say that probably at the same moment, there have been too many protons and antiprotons, electrons and positrons and the next moment, at a time of Planck dimensions, pairs of antiparticles were formed, which materialized created photons and it was left only the remnants, meaning protons and electrons.

Maybe the world was eventually made of the leftovers and any “garbage” left! This thrashing out could have been the big bang, or a big bang, but these cosmogony questions do not concern this analysis- research.

Let’s go back to the description of my thoughts.

In case that they are indeed true (a fact that I consider as a one-way, the conclusions are tremendous and unpredicted).

Meaning, there are no electric forces, there are no electric charges, there are no open static electric fields, there is only one kind of electric fields, which though- do not produce their own forces.

These electric fields are the known as electrodynamics’ fields, meaning the timely transforming closed (cyclic) electric fields, which are produced according to the Law of electromagnetism as follows: “A transforming magnetic field produced around it a transforming electric field, whose dynamic lines are closed” and they have nothing to do with the supposed static open electric fields, that are aid to produce electric forces, which we showed that do not exist”.

Moeover, the electrodynamic fields are corking up the poles of the particles and participate as a fundamental component of the photons.

Going back to the beginning of our thinking, we see that when an electron  (former elementary electric charge) moves in harmony on the excited open electric dipole (an antenna), then it actually produces a transforming electric field around it (meaning vertically), according to aforementioned law.

From these two fields are created the photons and from these, on a successive layout, the particles.

Consequently, I repeat, I see no reason for the existence of static electric fields, electric forces and electric charges.

Since things happen like this, then we can interpret in depth everything about electricity, which we accept up to today without interpretation and simply, as electric charges etc, and also we accomplish the total and absolute unification of nature’s basic forces (see my paper or summary).

Finally, allow me a comment.

In electromagnetism, which is the main tank of knowledge, one gets the feeling that all phenomena evolve cyclically. Everything within this cycle are on a cyclic interaction and cannot say what is the cause and what is the outcome. Indeed, everything either successively or simultaneously, are both a cause and an outcome!

Theodoros Mitropoulos


When i was writing the main part of this research, i didnt have discovered yet that electrical forces, electrical static fields and electrical charges do not exist.
For this reason, at this part of my research i refer to electrical static fields, under the influence of the things written in all physics books,although it is a shame for modern physics.
The identification of electrical forces as magnetic forces and the fact that electrical charges do not exist
(which is one of the greatest discoveries) were being made by me several years later and therefore i included it in my text at that point.
Furthermore i didnt concider changing tha main part of my research.
The reader of this research can easily understand that the referral to the static electrical fields does not exist.