Nuclear Forces

Dear reader

I am glad to inform you that by simple luck, or by accident or by guidance, I succeeded to brake the code and to decode in a trustworthy and indisputable way the strong nuclear forces, which quite unexpectedly reveal a model of elementary particles completely different of what we believed up to today, to a point where it becomes a starting point to write almost a new Natural Science! Its literally the end of the yarn of New Physics, and even cosmology!! In this Physics in the main position, will be the all up to now observations and experiments, but will be excluded most of the already existing theories and mainly the most famous.

Lets not say more, the decision is yours.

To the decoding of the strong nuclear forces, I was driven from a specific ascertainment.

Specifically, I found out that, the strong nuclear forces become equivalent with other known forces, when the latest are under special circumstances.

Our big present is exactly these special circumstances!! Specifically I had in mind the Electromagnetism Law, which says, The intensity of the magnetic field at the centre of the   magnetic dipole, is inversely analogous to the dipoles ray.

That is, when the ray of the dipole tends to zero, the intensity of the magnetic field at the centre of the magnetic dipole, tends to infinity!!  From this appears that, when we have a magnetic dipole with almost a zero ray, at a minimum (almost zero) area we have a point, where it exists a tremendous intensity’s magnetic field, which develops of corresponding intensity’s simple   magnetic forces. These tremendous forces are exerted directly to the minimum area of the dipole and immediately around it, in accordance with the Law of the known simple magnetic fields (decreasing inversely analogous to the square of the distance theoretically up to infinity).

These therefore of tremendous power magnetic forces, exerted directly visible on the minimum area around the microscopic magnetic dipoles are absolutely identical with the strong nuclear forces, exerted around the protons within the nucleus!!! (Neutralizing topically the opposite electrical ones, up the rim of the shaft’s dynamic). Therefore the strong nuclear forces are the known magnetic forces, however on the special case, are due to microscopic magnetic dipoles the size of protons. That, beyond any doubt and possibility of trustworthy dispute. So our present is a big discovery, that the protons are magnetic dipoles. This has to be the basic structure, except from the protons, and of all the elementary particles, namely electrons etc.

Gentlemen, from now on an almost new Physics is written!

Whatever we say and whatever we write, whatever we interpret, and whatever we reject, we have to know that we start from an indisputable data that all the elementary particles are rings and also magnets. Whatever view, theory or interpretation appears to this is rejected. Besides, for every phenomenon exist theoretically many interpretations, from which only one could be the right one.  Two different interpretations for the same phenomenon could not exist.

At this point I could stop and let the others demolish and rebuild, but I intend to say my opinion in general and selectively for the most basic subjects of Physics, under the new data.

After already the help of the strong nuclear forces, we verified the basic characteristics of the proton (microscopic dipole), lets try to define the corresponding characteristics of the electron and following lets try to define from what the rings of the elementary particles are made of.

First we have to answer why the electrons do not use strong forces, as the protons do.  The answer is, because they use weak nuclear forces!  And what are they? They are magnetic forces, since the electron, like the proton is a magnetic dipole.  And why are they so weak? Obviously, because the dipole  (electron) has a larger ray from the proton, such us the ratio of the electron’s ray to the protons ray is equal to the ratio of the intensity of the strong nuclear forces to the intensity of the weak nuclear forces, according to the very revealing law of electromagnetism mentioned at the beginning of the present text!