Mr Markatos Experiment


Patras, June 26, 2002

Mr. Nikos Markatos, Professor at the National Technical University of Athens, as well as ex-Rector, as soon as he learnt about my work, he called me to inform me regarding an experiment he has carried out. He has not yet published it, though it confirms, at least at this early stage, my prediction, that the weak interactions are 1836.3 times weaker that the powerful nuclear forces (equation number 3 of mine). In general, in order to carry out the experiment, he used “noise” in order to eliminate the weak interactions and he saw that this was happening at a level of “noise” around 2000 times smaller than  the powerful nuclear forces.

Mr. Markatos has given me his approval to refer to his experiment.

Mr. Markatos’ address is the following:

National Technical University of Athens

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Polytechnic Camp – Zografou

15780 ATHENS

Tel: (+30) 210 7723227

Fax: (+30) 210 7723228


Yours sincerely,

Theodoros Mitropoulos