Letter for physics definition University

1st Letter


Theodoros Mitropoulos
116, Karatza Street
26226 PATRAS

Patras, October 20, 2008

To all Professors of Physics without any exception, of the Universities of MIT, Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley

Dear Sirs,

Many of you and the more serious among you will believe that currently at CERN the biggest failure, worth of many billions of euros, takes place, as this monstrous experiment using the LHC has zero potential to explore the Nature, irrelevantly to any theoretical fantasies.
Many experimenters, though, believe that this experiment is a good opportunity to keep them employed till they retire, therefore they estimate the duration of the experiment to be three, ten or twenty years, depending on the retirement needs of each one!
The funny part of this case is that the trivial experiment of Mr. N. Markatos (see site www.newphysics.gr), which was performed without him being aware of my own research efforts, and being unsuspected and surprised with the outcome (weak nuclear forces about 200 times weaker from the strong ones and not 100,000 times) rendered this barbarous experiment of LHC look pointless a priori, because it confirmed my multi-term equation of tremendous importance, which defines the components and structure of the particles and the function of Nature, beyond any shadow of a doubt, as I prove in my paper.
In the model of nature that I discovered, there is no room for God’s particles (Higgs), Devil’s particles, chords, superchords, supersymmetries, or anything.
I can indicatively note that when I rebutted the special theory of relativity, I closed the door to the fourth dimension and kept only the known three. Consequently, all subsequent theories that talk about multiple dimensions, with the permission of the Special Theory of Relativity (they are all derivative thereof), were automatically left unsupported! I have mentioned all these also in my previous letters.
In general, the two theories of relativity have been the greatest corrupter and twister of the science of Physics, deceiving and twisting it for nearly a hundred years.
Already the first inevitable damage of the LHC was recorded and now the experiment has been postponed for the spring of 2009.
Personally I believe that LHC is rather unreliable from its operation point of view, due to its tremendous dimensions, its complexity and mainly its huge electric current wattage, that renders the electric circuits rather vulnerable.
Regardless of all the above, the LHC philosophy is not appropriate to explore nature, because the protons (as with all particles) are not what they think they are, meaning spherical, solid objects that will break like nuts if we cause them to collide, so as to see their interior (this is the primeval dream of every child, to smash their toys!), but soft, field rings that contain purely magnetic field energy (magnetic bipoles) that constitutes the matter and this is enough to explain all the phenomena (without quarks, chords, superchords, Higgs or anything else).
The magnetic fields are not influenced by temperature, no matter how high it is, and they are neither transferred from one particle to the other (gradual particles).
Moreover, this structure, after the “collisions”, creates random and misleading particles, due to the magnetic induction of the colliding particles – magnetic bipoles, mainly though due to the materialization of quite a large quantity of kinetic energy.
My research, not only does it vitiate these theories but also it reveals how exactly nature works, with incredible details. It outs things in order.
I do not think that anyone believes that my research will go by unnoticed and will eventually be forgotten, given the publicity it gained after its publication on the Internet and the numerous emails I have sent to nearly all universities around the world. It will exist as long as people exist.
For the time being, let us wait until this machine works and as far as the important stuff is concerned, we will be back with more serious suggestions.
In general, the experiment with the LHC is a huge scandal regarding its cost and stupidity. As I mentioned before, the particles, due to their exclusively field status and their relevant properties are completely unable to participate in the procedures, that supposedly followed the presumptive big bang.
Therefore, the particles to be generated at the LHC, no matter which they are and how they look like, even if one looks like the presumed Higgs, are of no importance and inappropriate to affirm any theory.
It strikes me as strange that people that do not have the basic knowledge of physics, meaning the knowledge of nature and of the elementary particles’ structure, that do not know what matter is and consequently what their nose is made of, seek to reveal how the world was created! Be merciful!
I take this opportunity to repeat that it is nonsense to be looking for gravity waves since the general theory of relativity has been overturned.
I inform you that at MIT very serious efforts have been made to trace them, yet without any results. You can find out further details over this matter by Mr. Erotokritos Katsavounidis, of MIT, who is one of the recipients of this letter. I think as well that the most ridiculous aspect of the story is the fear that black holes might be formed in Geneva that might “swallow” the earth.
I repeat (I have already written it) that since I overturned the general theory of relativity and detached the gravity forces from space (they are simply magnetic forces), black holes, in the meaning that they attribute to them, do not exist. What exist are invisible neutron stars with huge density and huge gravity around them, yet with no interaction with space. All the rest are simply nonsense of those who occupy themselves with the theory of relativity.
Whoever speaks before the conduct of the experiment will find himself in a favorable position. It is clear though that whoever does not agree with my conclusions may express their objections, though using concrete arguments.

Yours sincerely,

Theodoros Mitropoulos

2nd Letter


Theodoros Mitropoulos
116, Karatza street
26226 PATRAS

Patras, September 28, 2009
Letter – Request

Dear sirs, Physicists at the Universities of MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and Princeton and those of you that will read this letter at the familiar website www.newphysics.gr, where I will upload it.
I wonder why anyone of those I have informed all around the world through the aforementioned website and the mass emails, concerning the detection of the basic and fundamental function of nature did not dash to welcome them, or at least to express an opinion.
I offered you what you mainly desired: At first, the mother and the pier of all knowledge, meaning the knowledge of nature and structure of all elementary particles. Next, the complete unification of the fundamental forces of nature, the knowledge that the gravitational forces are the extension in space of the magnetic strong and weak nuclear forces, the knowledge that the thunders, lightning and every kind of sparkles on earth or the universe are simple weak nuclear forces (much stronger than what was considered), the interpretation of inertia, the interpretation of the potential barrier and potential well, the hidden isolation property of the eletrodynamic fields against magnetic fields, the solution to the mystery of antimatter, the knowledge that matter is broken down into velocity c and much more, as I randomly recall and mention.
All this is not a coincidence. It is a tight system of discoveries each one of which would be worth of a handful of Nobel PRIZES!
Moreover, all the above has been proven based not only on old experiments but also on recent ones. The core of my discoveries is expressed with the well-known equation, which was confirmed recently by the experiment of Mr. Markatos (of the National Technological University of Athens, see website).
I have given you also what you might have not desired, or could not handle: the full, absolute and definite overthrow of the two theories of relativity of Einstein, together with their content and consequences.
Therefore, Einstein’s views, like the fourth or further dimension, the spacetime, the spacetime twist, the contraction/ dilation of time and space, the wormholes, the parallel universe, the black holes (there are invisible only stars of neutrinos of huge gravitational force), gravity waves (permanently invisible) and other nonsense that are proven teratology that have no relation with reality and they only think they cause is amusement. These are thoughts (without proof, misleading and deceitful) that are nearly paranoid.
The overthrow arguments of the two relativities always appear in the research contained in the aforementioned site, and anyone that has objections should come forward and say it.
That would satisfy me especially. Is there anyone?
I admit that the whole world hides behind a grid of theoretic physicists each one of which fought to become who they are on a professional and scientific stand, always within the frame of theoretical physics under the condition though that the theories would be correct.
The thing is that they are not correct and this is not going to change.
All the theories are offspring or at least are based on the theory of relativity. There is no theory that does not contain clues of relativity; they are all deadly polluted by relativity.
The collapse of all relativity theories washed away all the theoretical structure and all theoretical physicists found themselves dangling like children balloons, even those who are members of academies.
Also, the new knowledge of nature and elementary particles structure contributed to the denial of the theories.
Soon everyone will speak out loud (because they will have no alternative) for everything I have presented you and you unofficially are aware of.
Therefore, I invite you all, either each one separately, or in any groups, to come forth and declare that you recognize the correctness of the new interpretation of physics, in the way I presented it in order to regain your lost status and scientific integrity. This is what your conscience commands you.
Everything then will remain the same and each one will maintain their position, but will eventually have to speak about new things, different than the ones so far.
Let this letter be the heritage for the future generations so that they will be updated and judge the present generation of scientists of the world.


Theodoros Mitropoulos

116, Karatza street,

26226 Patras, Greece                                                  April 15, 2014


To the magazines: 1. SCIENCE




Several teams of astrophysicists that explore the universe using telescopes have suggested that background radiation is weakly polarized in a special way called (B-mode), in which….

They attribute such polarization to the effect of gravitational waves, although they add that “the existence of B-mode may be due to other causes beyond the presence of gravitational waves”.

A final attempt is, after many assumptions, that the polarization of the background radiation proves the existence of gravitational waves.

But this is a theory in the context of a theory. Nothing proves that the polarization of the background radiation proves the existence of gravitational waves.

But let’s leave aside the complex theories on “inflation” and the alleged activities of the gravitational waves and let’s see whether they actually exist, based on the primordial knowledge of fundamental physics.

These waves are unbreakably linked to the General Theory of Relativity and this theory has been overturned, with absolute certain and with many praises.

At this point I have to briefly mention some data from my experiment-based research entitled “NATURE REVEALED THROUGH UNDEVELOPED EXPERIMENTS”, that you can find online at www.newphysics.gr.

The above paper includes analyses and proofs, while with this letter I would only like to attract your interest so that you read it.

So, the combination of many physics’ experiments already known for years, among which the twin paradox, proves the basic and fundamental knowledge of physics, which is nature, the structure and some hidden properties of the elementary particles.

So, the elementary particles consist of dynamic field rings, magnetic and electrical successive to each other, and which are magnetic dipoles. In most of the cases actually, because of a specific reason, they behave as magnetic monopoles, though without ceasing to be dipoles.

These rings are the known ring of photons, which are there vertical to each other. This means they are real and not hypothetical.

On or two considerations make us understand that every material body creates inside and at the space around it a micro-field magnetic nebula (a magnet mass), which consists of the total of microscopic magnetic fields of the particles – magnetic dipoles of which it is composed, turned towards all directions. Consequently, it has no its own dominating poles, this is why it is not detected with an external large magnet, thus it has the energy of a magnetic field, which creates the gravitational forces of magnetic nature. Moreover, it also creates refraction of light in the space around the large bodies, due to the reduction of its speed, (e.g. sun) and this explains the seemingly wrong orbit of Mercury, the gravitational lenses in the spaces and other relevant effects.

So, this is the end of the General Theory of Relativity and the other nonsense of Einstein.

There is no such thing as space-time or space bend or gravitational waves, or black holes (in their place there are neutron stars with highly dense mass, micro-field nebula and powerful gravitational forces).

You can read in detail everything about it at the web page mentioned above (www.newphysics.gr). There you can also read about the overturn of the Special Theory of relativity. Everything is attributed to the Doppler activity.

No more talk about the fourth dimension, the dilation and contraction of space and time and other foolish things that Einstein suggested. This gentleman has been fooling us around for over a century.

You can also read in my paper the complete clarification of fundamental physics, the unification of all basic forces (they are all magnetic, there are no static electrical forces or electrical loads). The weak nuclear forces are only 1836.3 times weaker than the powerful nuclear ones and not 100.000 times as theoreticians suggest, just because they liked the number.

The latter was proved on an experimental level by the former rector of the National Technical University of Athens, Mr. N. Markatos, who was not aware of my research and this experiments comes to support the correctness of my research. The experiment is described briefly at the web page mentioned.

So, the famous astrophysicists that confirm e.g. the polarization of the photons of background radiation are proved to be illiterate as to fundamental physics, they ignore the basic knowledge, as for example what is matter or mass, they believe that protons are little bags filled with quarks, anti quarks, anti gluons etc, the ignore everything about electrons, they believe that static electrical forces and electrical loads do exists, they fail to unify the basic forces and most importantly they believe those lousy theories of Relativity of the mythomaniac Einstein.

They ultimately just walk on air and build on sand.

So, they have to come up with other interpretations regarding the polarization of background radiation and mainly they have to tell us what was there before the Big Bang and what caused it, if it ever happened.

They have to absorb that space and time are infinite entities, without a beginning or an end, and to imagine what we call universe as a three millionth of the head of a pin inside the infinite space, which existed for one tiny fraction of the second in the infinite time.

Such worlds, unimportant in infinity, may also exist in other entirely inapproachable parts of time and space.

It is foolish for someone to say that space and time started with the Big Bang. Such views are rooted in the overturned theories of relativity.

Thus it seems that it is necessary to re-train professors on issued of fundamental physics. They have to be careful, as the future generations of scientists will judge them. I believe the current generation has lost the opportunity, with all this “omerta” I see regarding my research.

Taking the opportunity I would like to refer to another recent alleged “discovery”, which was done with the same blackmailing method.

It is the alleged discovery of the Higgs particle.

CERN announced officially “some indications of existence” of the Higgs particle, something that creates no responsibility at all for the Center about the existence or not of the particle. Then, some physicists arbitrarily upgraded the announcement to a certainty of discovery of the Higgs particle, they plotted quickly the award of the Nobel prize and they though the issue was over.

What really happened is that they detected a heavy particle-fragment inside the LHC, which acquired its big mass upon materialization of a large quantity of kinetic energy after violent collision and they naively cried “Here is the Higgs”!!. The fact of the kinetic energy being materialized upon collisions of particles renders unreliable all experiments of the LHC and other accelerators.

Nevertheless, those of you that you will read my research on fundamental physics, you will see hat such particle does not exist.

For over ten year now, those who visit the web page remain silent, most apparently to avoid losing their comfortable positions.

You should act according to your consciousness and your scientific responsibility.



Yours sincerely,

Theodoros Mitropoulos


Theodoros Mitropoulos                                               July 25, 2014

116, Karatza Street


To the journals            1. NATURE



Dear Sirs,


In continuation to my email dated April 15, 2014, I hereby repeat and underline that the level of knowledge of today’s physics is tragically insufficient, despicable and comic I’d say, because it’s largest part is made of imaginary and unconfirmed theories.

This happens because everybody – no exceptions – ignore the basic, fundamental and cornerstone knowledge of Physics on which is experimentally based the entire physics, meaning the nature, structure and a hidden property of the elementary particles, which gives an illusion of electrical charges.

This is how several strange people came up, like paranoiac Einstein who invented the unspeakable theories of relativity. Others suggested that protons are little bags full of quarks and other things that require vivid imagination; others talked about inertial fields, others about electrical charges and static electrical forces and other nonsense, something that proves the complete insufficiency regarding fundamental physics.

Personally, with the things that I only indicatively mentioned in the email I sent you, and mainly by reference to the website www.newphysics.gr, I offered you the complete function of nature ready!

However, the global academic status quo in the filed of physics, meaning those who hold doctoral degrees, although they have been informed by me by emails, sent to over three hundred recipients-academics each time that I was locating online, remains characteristically silent.

This happens because part of them is uneducable regarding new knowledge, with a brain destroyed from the complete brainwashing they have been subjected to during their studies at several universities. And actually, the “heavier” their doctoral degrees, the more misguided they are. Another part although they see the reality, they also understand that if they embrace it their doctoral degrees, their scientific status, their prestige and possibly they positions will be jeopardized. They also risk the management of huge amounts of money offered for the supposed research purposes. So I blame them for self-interest.

So, they keep hiding behind the fact that my findings, although experimentally based, they are not published in prestigious journals of the field, such as your journal and a very few others, so they remain silent.

I believe that you do not belong in any of the categories of scientists I described above – meaning idiots or selfish, but you are rather victims of the latter, meaning of the partners that you employ as reviewers for your publications.

Now, you know, you have to find several, not only three, people that are honest and open-minded and ask their opinion on my paper. However, please note that in the event they raise any objections their opinion will not be enough; they shall come up with specific arguments. I wouldn’t like to see what happened with a professor of a Greek University to be repeated. With him, when I finally had him at the corner and asked for his opinion he simply replied “this does not agree with my way of thinking” and that my paper has not been published.

All I ask from you is honesty.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention the following peculiar thing: We have learnt to use Nature before even understanding what Nature is. He made nuclear energy in the form of weapons or reactors, which is a case of protons, without even knowing what a proton is. Moreover, we have wrapped up the planet in electric cables and filled it with electrical and electronic devices, which is a case of electrons, without knowing what an electron is.

This has given us the illusion that we know Nature. This was our mistake, this is know-how and not physics, and the heart of physics is fundamental physics!

Once more, I kindly ask you to act responsibly and not to forget that we will all be judged by the present and future generations, just like Galeilo has been judged!

I repeat that at the site www.newphysics.gr there is knowledge about Physics that we should have known over a century ago.



Theodoros Mitropoulos



Theodoros Mitropoulos                                               September 9, 2014

116, Karatza Street


To the journals:                    1. NATURE



Dear Sirs,

In continuation to my previous emails, and since I see your reluctance to react, I would kindly like to ask the following indicative questions.

Is it or isn’t it a headline news that both theories of relativity have been overturned? More specifically has it been proved that the gravitational forces are forces of magnetic nature and not the result of “spacetime” curvature (!) and that there is no contraction and dilation of space and time, but it is just the Doppler effect?

Is it or isn’t it a headline news that sound also has