Introductory Note

Theodoros Mitropoulos


March 29, 2004

Karatza 116


Introductory Note

Dear Reader,

If from the total of Physics you remove the part called theoretical physics, you will see that our actually verified knowledge is minimal, almost null and the dimension of our ignorance is tremendous, abysmal. We even ignore what an atom is! Theoretical physics, by which I mean the whole quantum theory and Einstein’s both theories of Relativity (General and Special), are not Physics, they are opinion, suggestions, suspicions and generally products of imagination that hope that some day will be experimentally verified and become Physics.

They also have the delusion that by expressing their theories using mathematics, they give prestige and “establish” them, while in fact they just express them in another language (the mathematics), using lots of not grounded clues.

Further down you will see that all these are fond hopes and incontrollable imagination, just speeches of the air! All these happen because theoreticians of Physics violated the fundamental law of the scientific research, which is the inductive method, meaning the one that is exclusively based on the analysis and combination of what is already established (established experiments, observations and laws). This method gives new knowledge that is well based, continuing and without gaps. This is the unimaginative and tiring way, which however presupposes analytical and compositional way of thinking. This is the way that takes you step by step, evolutionally and successively towards the second and third conclusions, which are however based deep in the aforementioned experiments.

On the contrary, theoretical Physics, instead of walking on solid grounds, it prefers to fly on the air, meaning imagination, through which it tries to scrappily interpret several phenomena and carelessly bridges the gaps of knowledge.

For example, Einstein tried to interpret the gravitational forces, a property of matter, ignoring (and not caring for this ignorance of his) what is matter or mass, meaning what are the elementary particles (nature and structure), this is why as you will see he totally failed and, even worse, he also dragged others to opinion that seem to be metaphysic!

A result of all these is the total impasse of physics today. Dear reader, you will be surprised to find out that almost all the required experiments, observations and laws of physics are found in the physics books taught at school (mainly about electromagnetism) and that the only thing to be done is their analysis and composition in the way I mentioned above.

This is exactly what I’ve done. I utilized all the ignored wealth of physics and I drew up my paper entitled “NATURE REVEALED THROUGH UNDEVELOPED EXPERIMENTS”. This paper, in its relatively few pages, goes through the whole spectrum of nature, culminating in the absolute consolidation of all fundamental forces, even the electric ones into one single force (the magnetic force). The first goal I set was to acquire the basic knowledge, which is the verification of the nature and structure of the elementary particles and then of their properties. From then on, knowledge of physics came on its own, in the way the string reels off but you hold it from one end!

In this paper you will find all subject that you are interested in and that led you to this page.

For your own ease, before this paper, I also attach:

1. Introductory note
2. A brief, though panoramic and epigrammatic summary of my paper
3. Another brief text, which is a continuance of my paper about electricity and related notion,
4. Information about a very important, still unpublished, experiment which verifies my conclusions
5. A letter addressed to the heads of the ITER  Program (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor)
6. A new text-study, introduced later in my site, which concerns the further specialization and identification of the weak nuclear forces
7. Main Paper
8. The inversion of General  relativity theory
9. The inversion of special  relativity theory
10. The interpretation of Inactivity
11. Current letter communicated to multiple recipients in relation to the forthcoming experiment of LHC in CERN
12. Letter sent to the three awarded scientists of the 2008 Nobel price in Physics and to the Swedish Academy of Science, analysing why this is unacreptable.
13. Concerning the dark matter, spin and other
14. Letter – Request

If after reading the aforementioned attachments you are still interested, read also my paper and you will see how all these that you read about as well as other points are established.

Yours sincerely,

Theodoros Mitropoulos