Gravity forces and gravital field

So, returning to the starting reports of the present text and forgetting for a moment all the in between analysis mentioned for all the elementary particles, (equation of twin birth, new equation for the electrons quantum tracks within the atoms, equation with many parts, connecting all the elements of a particle), we are holding only the information from the decoding of the strong and the weak nuclear forces, that all the elementary particles (protons and electrons) are microscopic magnetic dipoles, namely magnets. Whichever material body is an unbelievable cluster of micromagnets, united between them, within the atoms structure, as well as within the molecular structure and beyond that.

If we look around us, if we look our hands, we should remember that everything is a multi-group of micromagnets. This is not a theory.

However every particle-magnetic dipole has its own microscopic, simple, completely known, magnetic field turned of course towards every direction. The result is that every material particle from the smallest grain of sand, up to the largest celestial body, creates around it (and within) a multi-field magnetic cluster consisting from all the microscopic fields of the contained particles.

This cluster is an unbelievable jumble, a magnetic cloud, a real mass of micromagnetic fields (a magnetic mass), where the space we leave in is full of it, with different density, at different points as we will see, expanding theoretically up to infinity. It is obvious that, the magnetic mass doesnt have dynamic lines of a particular direction, thats why it has no poles and it cant for example, be tracked down from any magnetic compass, it contains though energy of a magnetic field and develops magnetic forces.

The detection of that multi-field magnetic cluster, is maybe one of the most important discoveries in Physics in the last years and further more it gives the answers we are asking for since Newton’s time, and even today, from the modern astro-physicists. I repeat discovery, not theory, not presumption. As I already said, that field magnetic-group has different density at every point determined from the density of the dynamic lines of each one microscopic magnetic field at that point, but also from the number of the magnetic fields depending on the total amount of elementary particles on every body. It is so the cloud’s density inversely analogous to the square of the distance from the particle’s center and analogous to the particles mass.

That magnetic cloud, because it has no poles, it has no specific dominating vector at any point, but it develops that, every time it appears another cloud of another body and reacts, that is it unites with it and is completely agreeable with Newton’s equation. Those are the forces of universal traction or gravity, the cloud however described, is the gravity field, which develops the gravity forces but it also causes light refraction, in the way we are going to see further down.

For now lets make an unusual as well as an interesting discovery. All mentioned before about multi-field magnetic cluster etc concern the material bodies, consisting from multiple elementary particles. When we have though, one only elementary particle, it does not create a cloud, but it develops one only micro-static magnetic field, which creates the nuclear forces strong or weak (depending on what it is) and thats at the same time its gravity field.

When we have two elementary particles (for example a hydrogen atom), we will have two micro-magnetic static fields with two nuclear forces consisting its gravity field. When we have a material body with multiple elementary particles, then we have the multi-field magnetic cloud and the multiple nuclear forces, caused by every micro-field of the cloud and where their composition gives the gravity forces of the particle according to the cloud’s structure at every point the way I mentioned before. So the gravity forces in reality, are the extension in space of a magnetic kind nuclear forces of all the elementary particles of every body, which as magnetic dipoles create in space the micro-field magnetic mass the way I mentioned.

It is wrong to believe that the strong nuclear forces exist only at a very small area of the atoms nucleus pasting the protons. Because of their peculiarity (powerful and coming from a minimum ring), only at a minimum space they could overcome the opposite electrical forces. In reality though theoretically are extended up to infinity, like every static magnetic field, without absolutely any differentiation.

I ask sorry from the reader-friend if I tire him because I repeat myself, it is so only because even nature repeats itself and shows us the same forces (known magnetic ones) with other different shapes (strong nuclear, weak nuclear, gravity).

The discovery so of that magnetic multi-microfield cluster (magnetic mass) which occupies the whole area with different density at its every point, depending on the factors I already mentioned, has one more, strange at first, but finally very simple outcome: It causes light refraction.

At first it is known that the magnetic field affects the light according to the Faraday phenomenon, where the magnetic field causes rotation on the light’s polarization level.

The related experiment is done with strong uniformed magnetic field with parallel magnetic lines and polarized light. The field magnetic-mass however, discovered, is basically a kind of magnetic field, but it has no parallel magnetic lines at all and we could not wait the same results, namely a rotation on the lights polarization level (I wonder where it could turn), the phenomenon Faraday however confirms an influence of the magnetic fields to the light.

More close relationships of the light with the magnetic abilities of a dielectric body come from the Maxwell

where μ is the particle’s magnetic penetration. And the magnetic mass has of course magnetic penetration and it is certain that causes change at the light speed in relation with its frequency.

Of course no earthly experiments are done with the field magnetic mass at which we live in on the earth surface. On my opinion we could believe as verified remarks the discovery of the existence of gravity lenses in space with the related phenomena.

Of course the General Theory of Relativity foresees the existence of gravity lenses, since we found out that it gives us the wrong interpretation for its basic target, in other words gravity, they are also rejected and all the interpretations of the phenomena foreseen from the equations, whether they are really noticed or not.

Therefore we seek other interpretations, which offers us the existence of field magnetic-mass and the alteration from it of the light speed, which goes from areas, where larger speed is allowed, to areas where smaller is allowed (because of larger density etc) undergoes refraction and therefore it creates all the related phenomena.

This refraction could develop even to inversion, in other words complete trapping, claimed for the black holes, I continue to believe though that they dont transmit light.