Further research on the weak nuclear forces

After the identification of what it was considered up to today as static electric forces (positive and negative) as magnetic “single pole” forces (deriving from protons and electrons), we managed to accomplish the complete and absolute unification of the fundamental forces of nature, in the form of magnetic forces.

Then, I wondered how nuclear forces are connected one to another, powerful and weak, which represent the protons and the electrons respectively (as we have shown always of magnetic nature), to the magnetic “single pole” forces (ex static electric), which represent at the same time the aforementioned particles, since basically they are all magnetic.

I showed how this happens at the powerful nuclear forces, when I described what happens at the moment of fusion, in my letter addressed to Mr. F. Casci, which I publish just before this text.

Meaning, I described how the magnetic “single pole” forces are instantly converted into magnetic bipolar forces, which are powerful nuclear forces and how the potential shaft is created at that moment.

I refer you to the specific part of my letter, so that I don’t repeat everything again.

So, it remains to see how the magnetic weak nuclear forces are connected to the “single pole” forces of electrons, which are also of magnetic nature.

My conclusive thinking is the following:

It cannot happen the same thing with electrons as with protons.

The weak magnetic field of the electrons cannot decay the potential barrier of the electron’s ring and create a potential shaft and things remain as they are, and this is why there are no connections (nuclei) of electrons in the way there are connections (nuclei) of protons.

So, what happens?

Now we have to make an imperative acknowledgment!

We are forced to accept that the weak nuclear forces are identical, are uncut, are the same to the magnetic “single pole” forces of the electrons, those that today we call negative static electric forces!!!! Is this actually possible?

Everything that we believed as a result of theoretical misleading and presumptuous views that the weak nuclear forces are 100,000 times weaker that the powerful nuclear forces, does not seem possible.

However, when it was established through a combination of already known and existing experiments (see my long equation) and it was confirmed through Mr Markatos’ recent experiment that these are only 1836.3 times weaker that the powerful ones, this is possible.

As it seems the weak nuclear forces were underestimated and actually at a great extent.

So, we could say that when there are lightings, thunders and bolts, these are purely the weak nuclear forces!

Although everything I mention derives from a combination of elements of previous experiments and observations, however the scientific morals imposes more direct and complete experimental proof.

So, I invite any research center visits my site, or any individual experimental scientist has the mood and the proper means, to organize and design the following experiment:

To experimentally compare, in a direct way what we call today negative electric forces, to the weak nuclear forces, or if this is not feasible, to the powerful nuclear forces (indirect comparison). He can use whichever method he thinks proper or even the indirect way to noise damping, as in Mr. Markato’s experiment, if this method is available.

The numerical results are those that will confirm (as I think) or not, my calculations on the specific issue

October 6, 2004

Theodoros Mitropoulos