Few more thoughts

I will return to the subject that occupies continuously my thoughts. Wanted or not, we discovered the new structure of the elementary particles, in other words that of the dynamic field rings, questions rose for their way of structure and behavior within the elementary particles, as mentioned at many points of the present text and we had to accept the crisscross link.

Specifically, the twin birth by itself, challenges us to verify in that way, the dynamic field rings of the starting photon succeed to preserve their dynamic nature and keep their kinetic energy within limited space of the particles that produce and to redevelop it when they will reconstruct new photons and will obtain again the photon’s package.

Anybody could say that the twin birth is known from older times and the question could be asked then, but now I think it is known, the revealing meaning in the particle’s structure.

Let’s try now to put on the table different free hypothesis and then let’s see what is done.

So my hypothesis is the following:

Maybe the field rings rotate (within the particle) around an axis passing through center, vertical to the level and with some stable angular speed, so they’ll keep their kinetic energy?

Beyond though from the above preoccupation, which drove me to the rotation hypothesis, mentioned above, exist even more serious indications, which defend the estimation of the field ring’s rotation to the periphery of the particles.

It is the information that gives us a magnetic dipole to the scale of our physical world.

That exists because something is rotated to its periphery and creates a static magnetic field. Without the rotation it’s not developed. To the large magnetic dipoles, that which is rotating is whole electrons, to the elementary particles the only thing that exists to rotate are the rings of the dynamic fields.

Finally, the picture that gives an elementary particle looks like a generator, which the rotation to the periphery creates an energy to the magnetic field within, which is finally the one called matter (mass), because that is the one that causes the of magnetic nature forces of the world attraction.

Something sometime put in motion that small power generator, from which we derive chemical and nuclear energy. Nothing to do though with the meaning of a marked particle, or superacords, or disturbance of some other fantastic dimension in …space-time.

If it was known earlier, snce the times of Einstein, that the elementary particles contain within them at every time a magnetic field’s energy, that it would be understood, that all the forces placed from the particles around them, meaning gravity and the nuclear (strong and weak) depend on the energy included within them and not to other reasons.

Although the subject on rotation is still under research.

Theodoros Mitropoulos