1. Introductory note
2. A brief, though panoramic and epigrammatic summary of my paper
3. Another brief text, which is a continuance of my paper about electricity and related notion,
4. Information about a very important, still unpublished, experiment which verifies my conclusions
5. A letter addressed to the heads of the ITER  Program (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor)
6. A new text-study, introduced later in my site, which concerns the further specialization and identification of the weak nuclear forces
7. Main Paper
8. The inversion of General  relativity theory
9. The inversion of special  relativity theory
10. The interpretation of Inactivity
11. Current letter communicated to multiple recipients in relation to the forthcoming experiment of LHC in CERN
12. Letter sent to the three awarded scientists of the 2008 Nobel price in Physics and to the Swedish Academy of Science, analysing why this is unacreptable.
13. Concerning the dark matter, spin and other
14. Letter – Request