Dear reader

This discussion its time to end. Because I started it as a discussion and that’s how I continued it. When I saw that unexpectedly became relatively long, I thought to rebuild the text and to divide it in chapters. After a while I thought that it would be a big mistake. The discussion is pleasant and effective kind of communication. It gives great freedom, it allows you to repeat the same things as many times as you want, you transmit your thoughts easier.

Now if someone asked me what impressed me more, from all that I mentioned, I would say that is the tremendous role of inertia (that is the phenomenon of materialization of the kinetic energy) in the existence of the world in general. If the speed of matter does not decrease through this phenomenon, the primitive hydrogen atoms would move in space at speed which maybe would start at c and anyhow without an upper fence and possibly not even gravity could coil up and form heavier atoms. Beyond that space is boundless, the spacing so much that it could literally make it disappear!! Certainly it is not necessary to take seriously any free thoughts!

There is a phrase I wrote, that no one could ignore, except if they have specific arguments.

Is the phrase that says: The gravity forces are an extension in the area of the magnetic nuclear forces. With this phrase:

a) They are united four out of five basic forces of Nature (except the fellow electrical).

b) The gravity is interpreted and the gravity lenses in space and

c) Collapses by itself, without even touching it, the General Theory of Relativity.

What else could anyone ask from a phrase of fourteen (14) words!!! My final try was to investigate Nature, through the experimental material, where with so much hard work did famous scientists in the past, but are not developed.

Theories, even if they are famous, are opposed to the findings of the testings and continuously the structures of the experimental data have by themselves a surviving problem. I was not concern with any theory except the Special Theory of Relativity, which is a special case and which it really made me angry, when I found out the superficiality that interpret the known experiment with the m-mesons. And this experiment is the pride of the theory.

Even the existence of the new entity that I call shortly micro-field magnetic-mass, or multimicrofield magnetic medley or cloud, or say it any way you want, it is not a theory is a discovery. When forced to except that the elementary particles behave as magnetic dipoles (the basic discovery), then we have to be forced again to except that every particle has its own microscopic static magnetic field, widely known. Then what are they doing all together? Dont they make that field magnetic mass, that field magnetic medley? And the existence of that entity doesnt have any consequence?

The left over pendencies and for which I have no wish to express any theory (away from me the theories) is the verification of the connection within the particles of the possible successive field magnetic and electric rings, which consist the particles, in a way so to define the electric forces exerted from every particle (positive or negative), when it has such.

Also, someone has to sit and redefine, all the phenomena presumed designated with Spin, weve seen that it does not reconcile with the new model of the elementary particles discovered, but not even the wave-mechanics, even with its up to now perceptions.

They exist much more, which continuously are going to come up and need research. I would make a wish. Self-control and no more theories. Thank you for reading me and I wish you well.