Ascertainments το the unfeasable controlled constant nuclear fusion

Theodoros Mitropoulos
Patras, March 4, 2004
116, Karatza street
26226 Patras Greece

Dr Fderico Casci
EFDA CSU Garching
Boltzmannstr 2
D-85748 Garching bei Muenchen

Dear Dr Federico Casci,

In the framework of the Iter Program (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), of which you are the main coordinator, or in all cases one of the main persons related to its materialization, please allow me to express some observations and to make the necessary proposals.

My observations and proposals are the following:

The most bizarre thing observed in our world is that we managed to exploit nature before even understanding what nature is. We manufactured electric lamps, radios, TVs, computers and any kind of electrical appliances without knowing what exactly an electron is. We achieved nuclear fission without knowing what exactly a proton is.

Well, this story has reached its end, it cannot go any further, and the period of grace has expired!

We cannot achieve a stable and continuously controlled nuclear fusion, if first of all we do not learn beyond any doubts, experimentally and multiply verified, the exact nature and structure of the protons, as well as of the rest of the particles and subsequently their exact attitude.

Moreover, we have to be equally sure about what is mass, what is the nature of the powerful nuclear forces, how the latter are created. What is the dynamic shaft and how this is shaped at the crucial moment. In addition, we have to understand why the resistance of the hydrogen nuclei to join has no stable value, but it corresponds to the coaction imposed to them (instability).

Unfortunately, you base all these necessary knowledge on the existing theoris, meaning hypothesis, such as the quarks, chords, hyperchords, or whatever some people (theoreticians) may believe, who think that they can fill the gaps of knowledge around Nature without fatigue, simply with their galloping imagination. You will see further down that all these is just nonsense. Reality is totally out of their imagination’s scope, meaning their theories! Fusion is the time of truth, it is the time that nature itself speaks; and nature is not interested in theories, neither for the people that formulated them. Nature imposes its reality and punishes with failure those who twaddle!

In order to avoid rattling and repeating things that you will read later on, I want to acknowledge you the following:

I reject any thought of theory, I worked with much strain as an analyst-exploiter of already known experiments and laws of Physics, and using the extreme compositional thought, I combined them and I managed to extract answers on all issues regarding physics, always based on the already known experiments. I inform you in advance and in brief that all elementary particles consist of two successive dynamic field rings, one magnetic and one electric and that their main behavior is that of a magnetic bipole, while the electric ring plays its own role! The proof of this statement is found in details in my paper enclosed herewith, entitled “NATURE REVEALED THROUGH UNDEVELOPED EXPERIMENTS”. Moreover, nearly at the beginning in page 11 you can read the reasons for which we cannot use microscopic magnets having as a tool the magnetic fields, as the latter turn them into reactive springs!

The more we press them, the more they resist! This is how it is explained the awkward attitude of the plasma with the varying resistance to fusion, and I wonder what is the interpretation you have given to this attitude! Moreover, beyond the aforementioned main attitude of hydrogen’s nuclei and in order to be analytical – despite my wish to avoid referring twice and repeating things, I would like to note the following characteristic points.

When we have hydrogen’s plasma, meaning mainly a quantity of protons, for which you seek fusion, you should bear in mind that you have to deal with a group of particles that behave up to a certain point as magnetic monopoles, despite the fact that in reality they are magnetic bipoles having one pole blocked, always the same (for each kind of particles).

Your goal is to bring them close so that the powerful magnetic field of a proton’s blocked pole, using the help of a free opposite-signed pole of the neighboring proton, to break the resistance of the electromagnetic field, that blocks it (you will see these later on) and automatically the repulsing monopole magnetic forces created up to that point (today called homonymous static electric forces, positive in the case of the protons) are instantly turned into attracting bipole magnetic forces (meaning among opposite-signed poles), that today we call powerful nuclear forces.

Are you acquainted to any other interpretation of this occurrence of the dynamic shaft?

I remind you again that the magnetic fields for the reasons I mentioned above are inappropriate and harmful for this purpose.

So, I know the reason for which we do not achieve the fusion in the duration desired, however I do not know how to achieve it.

If I knew it, I would be a billionaire!

In the place of the magnetic fields, we can put powerful thermal lasers, however, what shall we put in the place of the pot, now that we have no magnetic fields?

If you find it, then you will achieve the long duration controlled nuclear fusion, the whole honor will be yours and I will have the minor satisfaction that I have helped in these by preventing you from looking at wrong directions, meaning the direction of the magnetic fields.

In order to facilitate you, together with my paper, I send you a small descriptive summary of my paper and a small text regarding electricity and other relative notions, as a continuance of my paper, which I recently elaborates and which includes conclusions that I ignored. So, according to the aforementioned, it results that Iter is designed based on wrong acceptances, meaning the use of magnetic fields. I propose that all Managers of the program examine in group the conclusions of my paper, try to revert them, and if you fail to revert them, you should redesign Iter, of course after finding a solution to the pot’s problem, if this is feasible. Up to now, long duration fusion is only achieved through the sun, meaning the in the void space and without a pot, because in the pot it operates the super gravity of the sun.

I repeat once more that nature neither fools us, nor can it be fooled.

I would say that it is not purposeful to prevail the opinion that it is late for any change to take place, for two reasons:

First of all, because later will be even worse and second, because they will all ask “since you knew, why did you move on?”, while now nobody asks!

I also enclose information about an unpublished but extremely interesting experiment, carried out by Prof. Markatos, Professor at the National Engineering School of Athens and which I rendered widely known around the world, together with my paper (approximately to 80-100 scientists, by groups of 4-5 people in the top Universities around the world, such as to Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, Berkeley, Tokyo, Texas Aand M, Nice de France, Oxford etc), as well as to several research centers, such as Demokritos – the Hellenic Nuclear Research center, CERN and others.

I would be grateful and it would be a proof of sensitivity and responsibility form your part if you could communicate me your decisions.

Yours sincerely,

Theodoros Mitropoulos