As you already read dear reader in the main body of the previous text, safe, indisputable and crossed experimental data, defined the nature of the elementary particles as magnetic dipoles. This nature of the particles is the one that creates the micro-field magnetic cloud, that surrounds all the objects and afterwards it creates the forces of the world attraction and refractive astronomical phenomena.

The localization of that micro-field cloud I believe is one of the largest discoveries in Physics the last years of the century that ends and was marked from tremendous (theoretical) misunderstandings driving the physicists to impassable.

Things although evolved further

Recently an experiment was completed that came to confirm directly the correctness of my physics, the particle-magnetic dipole.

It is the creation of magnetic elevation.

Scientists from NASA trying to build an area with a technical absence of gravity for the education of future astronauts, they created a very strong magnetic field in an area at the beginning 2 inches in diameter. In that area, they positioned different small objects non-metallic and specifically a plastic object, a strawberry and small animals, a young frog and a spider, which they suspended (floated) without gravity. The comments from the scientist that presented he experiment were: “IT seems that everything in Nature is magnetism” or something similar.

All that were presented in a film produced by BBC that appeared through the Greek TV under the title: “Supernatural phenomena”.

Very bad title, because supernatural does not exist, physics that we ignore do exist.

I have also a copy of the film.

The magnetic elevation is absolutely compatible physics. The strong magnetic field with its dense parallel and to the same direction dynamic lines, inserted between the micro-field magnetic clouds of the two bodies, the object spider and to the Earth, it insolates them and doesn’t allow them to unite and develop between them of magnetic nature forces of the world attraction.

Who could interpret the phenomenon with the relative or quantum gravity?

The question is not theoretical, it demands an answer however.

Also urged from certain displays I show the same film with rotating spindles (alleged to be lighter), I express the opinion that o abody rotates probably becomes lighter, because its rotation (with its cloud) probably makes difficult their union of its micro field cloud with the Earth cloud, so the forces of the world attraction become smaller with limit its zeroing (gv<go).

I consider necessary the execution of an experiment where it is weighted precisely the weight of a stable spindle and of a rotating one.

It could be proven that we are on the way to build…flying discs, the time we dispute on how many quarks a proton has, or “we discover” new dimensions of space-time, or imagine the particles as superachords or accept the existence of particles “ghosts”, “scalar”, or other relatively similar. This experiment is my suggestion.

Recapitulating all the above, I believe that someone has to start thinking again from zero and free its mind from any theories, so it could understand the tremendous simplicity and effectiveness in which nature works, as it is revealed through the equation with the successive seven parts, I presented, opposed to the monstrous complexity and followed ineffectiveness which results from relativities, the quantum mechanics etc.

Probably never coincides the uncontrolled fantasy with reality. As you will continuously see, anything arbitrary will collapse by itself.

This minute is important the suggested experiment ad the answer to the question I placed.

Theodoros Mitropoulos
Karatza 116
Patras, Greece